INLIGHT Sigurður Guðjónsson

Sigurður's work in his exhibition INNLJÓS was a kind of ode to the devices that is so close to him and other artists that they are on a par with the instruments of a musician and composer. They are the tools that a contemporary artist needs, just as the tractor and the engine are essential to the farmer. But then various questions arise regarding the implementation of the works in Kleifar, the same works that the audience enjoyed in 2017 in the chapel of the disused Sankti Jósefsspítali in Hafnarfjörður. Although the works were the same, the result was completely different. As Sigurður elaborated his video works, they could be compared to updates rather than installations. A new and different space brought about the meaning of the works, so they went through a renewal of life and worked in a completely different content under the auspices of Hrútey than in the hospital's prayer house. The update inevitably became part of the work.

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